Running Through the Elements

Winter was knocking on the door when I made the commitment to run the 2007 Cleveland Half Marathon. The first person I called was my Uncle (Runcle Ron) who lives in Syracuse, NY. Runcle Ron is a life long runner. My father and he have some epic stories about running together in whatever mother nature threw their way. My question was simple: “So, I’m going to be training in this weather. What do I wear?”. The list was long and daunting. A treadmill might have saved me money.

I spent enough time indoors, cooped up in an office. A dreadmill wasn’t an option.

Today, neighbor Nick and I completed 10.6 miles in pouring rain, before 7:30am. Just a typical Cleveland day in February as Winter Storm Nemo heads to the Northeast. You’ll hear from Nick later, I talked him into writing a few posts about his first marathon training experience. We decided to change the long run to Friday this week since he’d be out of town. Saturday and Sunday will be beautiful here. Smart move.

You just never know what conditions race day will bring. If it’s pouring rain and windy, we’ll look back to today’s run and know we survived. We both laughed as cars flew by and we had smiles on our faces. “The jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse.”

Running through the elements isn’t about being macho. Trust me, my wife laughs more often than not at my “runner nerd” style. It’s about being prepared. Without proper gear, it’s a terrible experience. One you’re likely to never partake in again.

Today’s weather – 39 degrees with rain. My gear:

  • RRS Drymax Quarter Length, Medium Cushion Socks – Probably the most important item on a day like today.
  • Saucony Drylete Run Skully
  • Nike Thermal Run Gloves
  • Nike Pro Combat Compression Tights
  • RRS Velocity Pant
  • Nike Hyperwarm DRI-FIT Compression Top
  • RRS GoreTex Storm Jacket – This has pros and cons. It’s great at keeping the rain out. On longer runs, however, it’s also great at keeping the sweat in.
  • Nathan Speed 4R Water Belt – Only used two bottles today.
  • Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Watch
  • RoadID – Never leave home without it.
Nick. Tough guy pose.

Nick. Tough guy pose.

Post-run Fonzarelli

Post-run Fonzarelli



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