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RunStreak Recap – 33 Weeks

Very enjoyable and well timed recovery week in my marathon training. A good marathon plan must have weeks like these built into them. Piling on long run after long run, weekend after weekend will only lead to burnout. Mix things up, have fun for a week, recharge and get back at it. I definitely feel [...]

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RunStreak Recap – 30 Weeks

Definitely a mixed bag of weather this week. From temps approaching mid-60s, to 20s with 30-40mph winds. I ran in shorts and a t-shirt one morning and three layers the next. Closed out the week with a solid layer of ice in the beard and wind chills near zero.

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RunStreak Recap – 29 Weeks

Bring on the Lake Effect snow, coldest temperatures yet, adding another layer of clothes and anxiously anticipating a warm up.

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